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Dealer / Distributor Info

Thank You for your interest in SanitizeFX™ Brand & Products.

Interested in becoming a Rep or Distributor for our family of products? Great, we are always updating and expanding our network. 

If you are;

• A pre-existing company that is looking to expand its product line.
• A cleaning company that is looking to improve equipment and sanitizer.
• A building Management Company that Sanitizes in house.
• A warehousing company that has a substantial bi-weekly cleaning fee.
• Own or manage multiple properties.
• A Hotel with a high turnover.

We have options for you to choose from under this umbrella. Please note that minimum orders and/or sales will be required to meet this criteria.

Email an inquiry with any questions that you may have, and you will be contacted in a timely manner.    

Note: This contact option is ONLY for the items listed on this page. Please direct all one-time sales inquiries here.

Thank You and Please, Stay Safe.

~SanitizeFX™ Team
SanitizeFX™ Global Headquarters
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United States of America

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